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08 June 2023

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Awesome deal from great folks!. I first went to this shop as a kid in 1978. The same owner still greets me by name even after not seeing him in over 10 years. I got the best deal on tires, and I shop around a lot! I'll be taking my bike's engine in for a top-end overhaul, and I'm sure he'll do just as good a job for me now as back in '78 when I was just 14 years old. This shop has earned my loyalty!

Steve - Loyal Customer

Good shop. I had just bought a new Ninja 250R that the previous owner had let sit for two years, and it would not start or idle without the choke on all the way. They got it in on a Wednesday or Thursday, and it was ready to be picked up Saturday, even though they estimated it would be the beginning of the next week before someone could get to it. They estimated $200-250 for parts and labor, and it came out to be just under $200. They did put like 2 or 3 miles on it test driving it after the repair, but I don't really mind that just thought I should mention it. They made sure they fixed the problem is the point. Their estimate was spot on and they were fast and courteous. Would definitely use them again.

damrass (via